About Us


During her first ten years of practice, Alice practiced in a large law firm in Minneapolis, where she prepared complex estate plans for high net worth individuals. While recognizing the value of the work for her clients and the depth of experience she gained, she struggled with the constant conflict between providing value for clients and navigating around the time-cost factor built into large firm billing practices. Alice formed Waybridge Law Group to offer clients an alternative to the "old school" large firm structure.  After ten years at Waybridge Law Group, Alice is proud to continue providing clients with a meaningful estate planning experience as a partner at DeWitt.

our values and guiding principles

Alice bases client service on four core values and guiding principles.

1.    Quality of Service.  We know our stuff and we deliver.  We offer our clients deep experience, attention to detail, and consistency in execution and follow through.  We approach our work with energy and strive for excellence in every aspect of the representation. We strive to provide high level legal services efficiently and affordably, while offering clients the substantial value of our collective expertise.

2.    Respect for Clients and Each Other.  We care about our clients and our team members.  We are committed to meeting our clients’ needs to the best of our ability, and to representing them with honesty and integrity.  And, we are committed to making our office a friendly, welcoming and respectful place to work.  We like each other and we like our clients.

3.    Communication.  We listen, then we advise.  We believe in keeping our clients informed, educating them about the work we are providing for them, being available and responsive during the representation, and keeping in touch after our services are complete.

4.    Integrity.  Honesty and integrity in our relationship with clients and each other is our highest priority.  We are committed to putting clients’ needs first and aim to provide value before receiving compensation, sometimes without receiving compensation.  Our goal is client serenity, and that requires our best efforts in service, communication and commitment.