Business Succession Planning and
General Corporate

Family and small business owners put their heart and soul into their businesses.  We understand the personal sacrifices and unmatched commitment it takes to run a small business.  We take this personally as we focus on understanding our clients’ business succession goals and working closely with them to accomplish those goals.

Our entrepreneurial clients have worked hard to build and grow their small or family-owned businesses.  Each business, each family, and the connection between the two, is unique and requires skilled counsel to help the owner navigate the myriad of issues involved in running a small business and preparing to pass it (or not pass it) to the next generation.  We employ a team approach with the client’s financial and tax advisors to develop a succession plan that fits with the client’s vision, and achieves the identified goals and objectives.

Our business succession planning and general corporate practice includes the following areas:

Family Business Succession Planning

Family Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies

Formation of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships